About Frog Rock Brewery

Frog Rock

Not just a name, but a real, tangible, solid rock effigy older than time can tell. Part of a larger network of granite effigies, Frog Rock is a symbol that directly links Austell back to the storied past of the healing Lithia Spring Mineral Water.

It is responsible for healing Native American civilizations, mending American Presidents, and now, the birth of a brewery.

Why is this important, and why base a whole business plan around a rock?

It’s All In The Water

An ancient spring bubbling through a granite fissure deep within the Earth may not seem like a big deal.

But when Head Brewer and Co-Founder Ryan Hall immersed himself in the science of the famous Lithia Spring Mineral Water, it was game on

Since water is the main ingredient in all beer, a series of test batches were designed to experiment with the properties of the water in a malt beverage. And the results were astounding, a great tasting beverage with an insane amount of health benefits. At last, the water of legends begets legendary brews!

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