Happy. Healthy. Beer.

What is Happy Beer?

The chase for a healthy beer ends here. Brewed fresh with Lithia Spring Mineral Water, our beer is as pure as you can get.

Packed with naturally occurring minerals, the phrase is derived from the rare, trace amounts of Lithium that are present in the Lithia Mineral Spring Water.

The element Lithium is responsible for mood boosting and brain health. You might find, as you enjoy a Frog Rock beverage, that your spirits are elevated. Alcohol is a natural depressant, but thanks to the Lithium in your beer, you might find that the common drowsiness and cognitive impairment associated with drinking are less of a factor. In short, your happiness levels are sure to abound with a beer or two (we do not encourage excessive drinking, nor do we encourage drinking and operating any automobile or machinery).

How is this beer Healthy?

It’s all about Electrolytes galore.

As seen in the nutritional chart, Lithia Spring Water has a high concentration of electrolytes (Na, Ca, K, Mg). Beer, naturally, dehydrates your body by telling the kidneys to release the amounts of liquid consumed. But since that consumed liquid is not water, it will dehydrate you.

With Lithia Beer, the present electrolytes work to rehydrate you during consumption, replenishing the body’s cells with important nutrients.

Liver Detoxification

Natural Sulfates in the Lithia Spring Water fuel the liver with the ability to rid the body of toxins stored in your body’s fat. While all alcoholic beverages are nothing but harmful for your liver, Frog Rock beer actually has liver benefits (as long as you don’t overindulge)!